Procedures & Services

As of November 2010, we are the exclusive providers in the Lake  Tahoe area of:

1. Perio Protect™ This is a non-surgical treatment for gum disease (periodontal disease). This is a patented and FDA approved medical device that delivers and maintains periodontal healthy tissues surrounding the teeth. Check out their website at

2. Homeoblock™ This is a unique orthodontic service for adults that you only wear at night. The Homeoblock™ not only straightens teeth but will improve facial contours, reduce snoring and give you a more relaxed and pleasing smile. Visit their website at

Other services the our office provides but not exclusively are:

1. Whitening – using the Sapphire system by Den-Mat. This is a 1/2 hour in office whitening system that has the lowest sensitivity of any whitening system on the market. Plus we include trays and material to take home for further touch up.

2. Implants – Since 2007 I have been placing and restoring back teeth with implants. We are pricing these implants to match the cost for bridges. If the area needs bone grafting the cost will be higher.
Advantages to implants are :
a. High success rate
b. Won’t cut into teeth on either side
c. Permanently placed (attached)
d. Metal does not decay
e. Implanted teeth look exactly like natural teeth

3. Mini-Implants – These are small dental implants that can be used to hold in dentures, especially lower dentures. We can place these “minis” and attach them to your lower denture in one visit. These “minis” can also be used in areas with low bite stress.

4. Veneers – These are made of porcelain or plastic and are placed on the front and biting edges of your front teeth. Dr. Wenck has been placing them since 1986 and the veneers on those original patients are still beautiful to this day. The porcelain veneers can last 20+ years. Depending on the situation they can be made very tiny. Resin (plastic) can be made quickly in the visit, but do not last as many years as the porcelain.

5. Flexible Partial Dentures – These flexible dentures have plastic gum colored clasps, which are invisible in the mouth. Once in place and fitted properly patients really like the looks of them. There are no silver wire loops to see.

6. Root Canals (Endodontis) – We average over 100 root canals a year including about 70% on difficult back molars. Dr. Wenck has had considerable post-graduate training and years of experience in this area, and he gets exceptionally good results.

7. Crowns (or caps) – Our office makes beautiful crowns that fit the teeth exceptionally well. There are 3 major types of crowns:

  • All Porcelain Crown – This crown is used in areas that the patient wants excellent aesthetics. Being porcelain or glass they are translucent and let light through them they are very life like, however they are glass and can sometimes break if a person grinds their teeth or has a heavy bite.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown – These are also beautiful crowns but are much stronger and durable. For heavy bites this crown must be used for the front teeth and for most all back molars where tooth colored teeth are wanted.
  • All Gold Crown – These crowns are used where the gold color is acceptable. They fit the tightest of all crowns and are the same hardness as tooth enamel; so they wear nicely against natural teeth. Also they last the longest of all crowns.