Our office makes beautiful crowns that fit the teeth exceptionally well. There are 3 major types of crowns:

  • All Porcelain Crown – This crown is used in areas that the patient wants excellent aesthetics. Being porcelain or glass they are translucent and let light through them they are very life like, however they are glass and can sometimes break if a person grinds their teeth or has a heavy bite.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown – These are also beautiful crowns but are much stronger and durable. For heavy bites this crown must be used for the front teeth and for most all back molars where tooth colored teeth are wanted.
  • All Gold Crown – These crowns are used where the gold color is acceptable. They fit the tightest of all crowns and are the same hardness as tooth enamel; so they wear nicely against natural teeth. Also they last the longest of all crowns.

Photo Gallery: Before and After

Darrell: (Before) Worn down and broken teeth, upper and lower front teeth.
Darrell: (After) Post op with 12 new crowns.

Dino: (Before) 2 Front teeth fractured in industrial accident.
Dino: (After) 2 New porcelain crowns.